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Since we are past the 20k follower mark i’ve decided that i’ll be doing a small giveaway. i’ll choose two random winners to get either a steam copy of Bioshock infinite or Tomb raider! :).


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The giveaway will last one week starting today so everyone can have a chance. Thanks.


Aug. 25, 1944: “The Allied War Machine Rolls Through France on Both Fronts,” read the headline above this photo, which shows Nazis in France captured by Canadian troops. The picture ran with an article by André Lebord, the pseudonym of a French underground leader, as told to Leland Stowe. “This was the hour that more than 500,000 French patriots had been living for, through months and years of hunger and heartbreak,” it said. Photo: The New York Times

  • Track Name

    sonata 01 my true love's a butterfly

  • Artist

    Kristie Lenox

A sonata I wrote after reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63. It chronicles the trials of an English professor as he travels through a wormhole back into 1958 in an attempt to stop the assassination of President Kennedy, as well as the physical and mental complications of time travel.  Amazing novel, I cried at least three times while reading it, and I was so moved that I decided to write music about it :P Aside from the hero, there’s another main character named Sadie that enters the story in the second half of the book.  I characterized her in the 2nd theme of this sonata with the motif AD-AD.  I titled this piece “My True Love’s a Butterfly,” which is a quote taken directly from the text.  The instrumentation is flute, celesta, violin, viola, and cello. I used finale 2011 for both the score and the audio.

I know there are probably sections I could have notated more effectively, but I’m still kind of new at this, so cut me some slack :) Enjoy.

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